Club Rules




Dear Athlete/Parent/Member,

The Togher Athletic Club Committee has reviewed the organisation of Togher AC recently in order to continue our excellent service to our athletes. Togher AC aims to provide high quality coaches, a clubhouse with a gym as well as weekly track sessions. We continue to make every effort to keep membership fees as low as possible.

All members must pay an annual membership fee to contribute to registration costs, insurance as well as the maintenance of the overall running of the club.

Conditions of Togher AC Membership

Members must adhere to the following rules of Togher Athletics Club and the rules as set out by Athletics Ireland (See

  • Members are requested to help in all Fundraising activities for Togher AC.
  • Togher AC Membership covers the provision of training facilities, insurance and entry fees for all Athletics Association of Ireland (AAI) championship events only.
  • For competitions, Togher AC will pay for one individual event per member per day at county, regional and national events. In exceptional cases, Togher AC Committee may cover the cost of additional events.
  • Togher AC will pay for all Championship team events. For National Half Marathon and National Full Marathons, a cap of €25 applies.
  • Where there is failure to compete in any event, the club reserves the right to claim a refund of the entry fee from the athlete concerned.
  • Members must cover the cost of their own accommodation where an overnight stay is necessary for competitions.
  • Where transport to and from competitions is provided by Togher AC, a nominal contribution will be required from the athlete.
  • The Togher AC singlet must be worn at all times by Togher AC members competing in championship events.
  • Athletes from Togher AC who have been selected for Cork or Regional teams must wear the Cork or Regional singlet.
  • All subsidies for competing on Cork teams will be paid by Togher AC after the relevant competition.
  • Juvenile Athletes (Under 19 year olds) who do not qualify as one of the first four finalists in the Munster Competitions must pay the cost of their own entry fee for the corresponding national competition.
  • Every Togher AC member is an Ambassador for Togher AC and should act accordingly. This includes behaving in a respectful manner towards all Togher AC members and other athletes in all fora.

As a registered member of Togher AC, I agree to abide by the above rules.