Craig Harrington

[Published 6th April, 2017]

Craig Harrington is in the Senior Men’s section of Togher AC and also runs for Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) as a student there. 

Craig at the County Novice Championships Carraig na BhFear, 2010

Personal Bests:
1500m: 4:21
Mile: 4:40
3k: 9:35
5k: 16:50
4 mile: 22:12
5 mile: 28:40
Half Marathon: 1:26

Coach: Ian O’ Sullivan

How long have you been running? Since the first day of first year of secondary school. 2003 I think. Have been involved ever since. Very lucky to have had 3 excellent and dedicated coaches over the last 14 years. Stephen Macklin throughout my 6 years at Douglas Community School, Ian O’ Sullivan throughout my many many years in CIT with Freda Daveron for a few years somewhere in between! I owe a lot to this bunch of bluffers 😉. In all seriousness though you won’t go very far wrong with any of the above setting your training plans.

How long have you been with Togher AC? The same as above. In Douglas Community School, we had a great system where you joined Togher straight away if you showed any interest in athletics whatsoever. Regardless of ability/experience everyone was welcome.

Craig, as part of the Senior Team in Douglas Community School, 2008

What do you like most about Togher AC? The fact that everyone, no matter what your ability or background, is always welcome. There really is a place for all. It’s great to see the club changing and being more successful year after year! Everyone is always there for advice. The club is really well organised with great coaches and an atmosphere that would suit all levels.

What are the events you do? I have pretty much tried everything at this stage. Cross Country, Indoors, Outdoors, Road and Mountain Running. Always happiest on the track though. 1500m always being the personal favourite.

Proudest Moments in Athletics: A few come to mind. Captaining CIT Athletics for a number of years now. The 2 years we placed 5th team in the National Colleges XC. Winning the Munster Steeple Chase Club title 2 years in a row as a junior.  Any of my team medals from numerous XC competitions down the years. People think athletics is a very individual sport but sometimes this couldn’t be further from the truth.

IUAA National 1500m Final, Dublin 2016

What’s your most memorable race? Finishing 3rd in the County Junior XC Championships. Still stands out for some reason. One of the few days that went very well! Any of my PBs above all have a special place though.

Munster Senior Indoor T&F 1500m, Nenagh 2017

What is your main goal for this year? Would like to get my 1500m and 5k PBs down a bit. Hopefully this summer. Anything else would be a bonus.

In 5 years time, athletics wise, where do you see yourself? Probably still plodding around the track. Perhaps Tony Kelleher or Ian O’ Sullivan might have finally persuaded me to run a marathon by then 😉. Never say never!

Do you have a favourite sports hero? In terms of athletics Haile Gebrselassie comes to mind. Big fan of other sports also. Paul O’ Connell and Muhammad Ali come to mind.

Favourite drink? Blackcurrant Mi-wadi (boring I know)

Favourite Film? Anything sports based really. Without Limits, Invictus, Any Given Sunday, Remember the Titans and The Fighter.

Faviourite Food? Serious weakness for pizza! Thick crust!