Helen Walsh

[Published 13 April 2016]

Helen Walsh is in Aprés Run – Fit4Life, Senior Women section of the club and is on the Togher AC Committee. Helen is a member since 2012.

Helen at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Finish Line!
Helen at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Finish Line! (Oct 2015)

Personal Best: Toronto Marathon 3.49; Cardiff Half Marathon 1.43

Proudest Moment: Toronto Marathon

Coach: Frank Doherty and Aidan Hartnett

How long have you been running? About 9 years


What are the events you do? 
Anything from 5km to full Marathon. Half marathons are my favourite.

What’s your main goal for this year? I hope to run Dublin Marathon in under 3.45.

Celebrating the Marathon in Sydney
Celebrating the Marathon in Sydney in 2014

Most memorable race. It was in Sydney Australian Marathon, 2014. I was at the 26th mile; I was rounding the corner of Circular Quay with Sydney Opera house (the finish) in my sights. It was turning into a glorious day in spite of the rain that fell earlier. I stopped suddenly. There was a teenager on the wall where I stopped. She urged me to keep going as the finish line was just around the corner. I just remember feeling so completely happy to have got to that point in 4hrs flat, in one of the most famous landscapes in the world. I finished in 4.02.

I have to make an honourable mention to coming second in the counties in the Women’s Novice team this year. That was special. 

County Championship Road Race in Castlelyons March 2016
The Women’s Team in the County Championship Road Race in Castlelyons March 2016

What do you like most about Togher AC? It’s not just about finishing times and PBs. It is also about fun and participation. We were delighted to represent Togher AC in the women’s events in the counties. The cherry on top was to come 2nd in the Novice and 3rd in the Masters but I stress it’s not about winning.

In 5 years’ time, athletics wise, where do you see yourself? I hope to be still running and enjoying it as much as I do now.

Do you have a favourite sports hero? Dan Carter, not only is he an amazing rugby player but he is absolutely gorgeous 😉

Favourite drink, film & food? Brandy and ginger ale, ‘The Princess Bride’ and flaky pastries.