Mile Challenge with Rob Heffernan

And They’re off!

At our Little Athletics training session on Monday 29th May, our young athletes were challenged to run up to a mile around the track.

Rob Heffernan took time out of his busy schedule to be there in support. Rob presented each athlete with a medal when they completed their challenge, be it 400m, 800m or 1 mile, depending on age group.

Rob spent time with aspiring race walker Aisling O’Shaughnessy to give her the benefit of his coaching – an invaluable gift for anybody starting out in this discipline.

Rob coaching Aisling

Little athletics is thriving and it was lovely to see the young people practising sprinting, obstacle courses, long jump and having fun and games, guided by our volunteer coaches.

Each week parents and volunteer club members coach the young athletes in various disciplines. At this stage of development there is a large emphasis on fun and games and of course listening and developing discipline. It is all about taking part and not necessarily competition. This is what has been shown to keep young athletes in the sport.

This is what being in a club is all about, all sections of the club coming together to help out with another. Thanks to Rob for being there on the night and to volunteers, coaches and parents who make the whole thing possible. Keep up the great work everyone 🙂