Aprés Run/Fit4Life

Togher Aprés Run Fit4Life training takes place on:

– Tuesdays at 6.30pm starting from the Mardyke Arena Track (3 mile run)
– Tuesdays at 7.15pm speed work session at the Mardyke Arena track
– Thursdays at 6.15pm at Costa Coffee in Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Douglas (3 or 5 mile run)
– Sundays at 10am in Blackrock Castle Car Park (down the steps from the castle) (8-10 mile or shorter/longer run) – This run can vary depending on time of year, so please make contact if it’s your first session with us.
Cheetah Run
There is also a sociable side to the Aprés Run/Fit4Life group so we go for tea/coffee or brunch after many training sessions.
From time to time training runs may vary slightly and are all posted on the website 
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Contact Claire on clairecdunne[@]gmail.com or 086 8241504