Aisling Parkes

[Published 19th January 2016]

Aisling Parkes is part of the Aprés Run/Fit4Life section of Togher AC and is Children’s Officer for the club.
Aisling after the Dublin Marathon 2015
Aisling after the Dublin Marathon 2015

Member of Togher AC since 2014

Personal Record: 5 Marathons, running first ultra marathon in April (39 miles) 

Proudest Running Moment: Shaving 28 minutes off my Marathon PB (2015)

Coach: Frank Doherty


How long have you been running? I have always been a physically active person, I have been going to the gym since 2000, but I have been running full time now since 2010.

What events do you run? I run all distances from 5k to marathon distance but mainly an endurance runner.

What is your main goal for this year? My main goal this year is to successfully complete the ultra marathon in Connemara on the 10th April along with my buddy in the Club Patrick O’Regan! I have other mini goals like becoming a more efficient runner and perhaps slightly faster!

What’s your most memorable race/best running moment? It’s very hard to identify or pinpoint any one moment in time. Running is full of moments as you are constantly surrounded by nature and people as you pound the roads. For me, I’d say my best moment was seeing the clock as I approached the finish line in 2015 Cork marathon. It was a massive PB for me, something I could never have done without the support and encouragement of Frank and the rest of the Club.

What do you like most about Togher AC? From the moment I set foot in the Clubhouse in Togher AC, I felt like a member of a family who really cared. The people who run with Togher AC are without doubt the friendliest and most fun bunch of people I have ever met. They are warm, encouraging and always willing to give you tips on how to reach your full potential. I owe a hell of a lot to my Coach, Frank Doherty, who is an amazing person who has very kindly given his time to help me become a stronger athlete, something he does for all of his athletes. If you could bottle the kindness and friendliness which is core to this club, you’d never have to work a day in your life. It is a pleasure to be part of such a strong and genuine network of friends.

In 5 years time, athletics wise, where do you see yourself? Hopefully, if I survive the ultra this year in one piece, I will take it up a notch again, and not only be running marathon distance in other countries, but also maybe a longer ultra distance!

Do you have a favourite sports hero? Not really, Rocky Balboa maybe but does he really count?! 🙂