Little Athletics

Little Athletics is a program designed to address the specific physical requirements of children in the 8 to 13 year old age bracket. It focuses on introducing the fundamentals of athletic movement to children in a fun, exciting and non-competitive environment.

Little Athletics has a wait list for children born after 2006. For children born prior to 2006, there is no waiting list. To enquire regarding Little Athletics or to be put on the waiting list, please contact Aidan Hartnett on 087 643 6897 or

Training Times:

8 to 9 Year Olds:
Every Monday, 7-8pm in St Aloysius Secondary School (Sharman Crawford St., Cork)

10 to 13 Year Olds:
Every Monday, 7-8pm in the Mardyke Arena Track

Coaches: Aidan Hartnett, David O’Keeffe, Jeff Casey

439519This age group has been identified as the FUNdamental stage in the long term physical development of the child, and the development of fundamental skills such as agility, co-ordination and balance will contribute greatly to future sporting achievements.

Little Athletics centres on the use of games to provide fun while developing fitness. Props such as hurdles, obstacles, medicine balls, foam javelins and hula-hoops will be used to encourage tumbling, running, throwing, hopping and jumping.

Training on 10th November 2015

After a great session of speed work, balance work and throws, Toghers little athletes (helped by their coaches) decided to indulge in adapted game of hungry hungry hippos. What Fun!!